What is the Accident Incident Investigation Course?

The Accident & Incident Investigation course is designed to equip employees with the various incident and accident investigation tools / systems when an emergency response is necessary, as well as how to implement control measures in the workplace.

Case studies are used to encourage discussion around the relevant documentation on how to lodge a claim for compensation with the Compensation Commissioner, and what the Act states with regards to incidents and accidents.


1 day


2 years

Accident Incident Investigation Course (OHS5) at the Emcare Training Academy
Accident Incident Investigation Course

  • Introduction to health and safety
  • Legislative history
  • The constitution
  • Understanding the act and regulations
  • Department of Labour/legislation
  • The OHS Act 85 of 1993
  • Important sections of the act
  • Introduction to Incident and accident investigations
  • The incident and accident objectives and process
  • High Risk Conditions
  • Iceberg Theory
  • Unsafe acts
  • Witnesses and gathering information
  • Guidelines and controls
  • Department of Labour Annexure forms (accidents and diseases)
  • Health and safety committee meetings
  • Additional information

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