EMCARE November 2023 Article Summaries

EMCARE November 2023 Article Summaries
  1. First Aid Training: 3 Reasons Tattoo Artists Need First Aid Training:

    Tattoo artists require first aid training and must complete a bloodborne pathogen course before being allowed to practice. There are high risks in becoming a tattoo artist, in this article we discuss how you can protect yourself and ensure the safety of others. EMCARE’s First Aid Training and HIV/AIDS Awareness Course provide both the qualification and knowledge to enter this profession. Read more

  2. Safety Officer Course: Invest In Your Education With EMCARE:

    It is never too early to start investing in your future or broaden your career prospects. EMCARE’s Safety Officer Course opens job opportunities in many ways. Whether you want to pursue further tertiary studies related to health and safety or are a young professional requiring a certification - EMCARE has you covered! Invest in your health and safety career by completing our Safety Officer Course, and the investment will be returned. Read more

  3. First Aid Course: Breaking Down EMCARE’s Accreditation and Certifications:

    EMCARE’s First Aid Course has various accredited certification options upon completion. We aim to provide high-quality training as a learning institute, which is shown in the validity of our services being recognized by local authorities. In this article, we walk you through our accreditations and the various organizational bodies that accept them. Read more

  4. Safety Officer Course: The Importance Of A Safety Officer In The Public Utility Industry:

    Safety officers are essential in an assortment of industries, one being the public utility industry. The public utility sector is responsible for the management of water, gas and electricity - amongst other services. In this article, we discuss how safety officers are imperative in these roles. Read more

  5. EMCARE Safety Officer Course: A Brief Overview Of An Industry Leading Safety Course:

    The below article provides a detailed look at EMCARE industry leading safety officer course. The article looks to focus on what can be expected from the course, what the course content covers and lists several reasons why you should choose EMCARES safety officer course. The article ends off by also highlighting why this safety officer course would be important in a workplace. Read more

  6. Fire Fighter 1 Training Techniques: Adapting To Modern Challenges:

    This article looks to examine how the complex environmental challenges of fire fighters has facilitated the need for fire fighting techniques to change overtime, and how those modern techniques have been worked into the EMCARE firefighting course. The course gives a brief historical overview of firefighting. After which it explores the challenges specifically the urban environment can pose to firefighters. It ends by look at the EMCARE Firefighter 1 course and how it helps to begin training future firefighters. Read more

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