EMCARE December 2023 Article Summaries

EMCARE December 2023 Article Summaries
  1. Essential Qualities To Have As A Safety Officer:

    In this article, we cover the key skills to have when applying to become a safety officer. We also touch on the benefits of having safety officers in the workplace as well as a comprehensive breakdown of EMCARE’s Safety Officer Course Package (SO). Read more

  2. Why Seafarer First Aid Training Is Important:

    When out at sea there are numerous threats to your health and safety. From the ocean to the ships - to even the sun, you are at risk of man-made and natural disasters. It is imperative that seafarers know first aid training in order to keep themselves, and those onboard their vessels safe. This article unpacks some of the emergencies you might face on the waters, and how EMCARE equips you with the best skillset to respond to these emergencies. Read more

  3. First Aid Course: Importance of First Aid in Mixed Martial Arts:

    In any extreme sport knowing safety protocols is crucial for quick and decisive action. EMCARE’s first aid course offers martial arts instructors the skillset to respond to potential emergencies with the appropriate care. This article walks you through why knowing first aid is important in this dangerous sport, and how EMCARE equips you for possible injuries. Read more

  4. Safety Officer Course: Why Safety Matters:

    In South Africa, workers are protected by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Companies must comply with these guidelines to protect their employees and their businesses. However, the Act is quite detailed, so companies need to hire and provide training for employees to become safety officers to help them manage their compliance with legislation. Read more

  5. Safety Officer Course: How To Become A Safety Officer:

    In this article, we cover all the necessary steps needed to become a safety officer. Furthermore, this article highlights the benefits of EMCARE’s safety officer course and what you can gain from our training. Keep reading to find out more about EMCARE and our top-of-the-line training. Read more

  6. Fire Fighter 1: Emergency Medical Training:

    Fire fighters, often arriving first at accident scenes, sometimes need to administer emergency medical care before ambulance services arrive and as such, skills like CPR, wound management, and fracture stabilisation can be lifesaving in these critical moments. The inclusion of medical training in fire fighter preparation significantly enhances their effectiveness – keep reading to learn more. Read more

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