EMCARE April 2024 Article Summaries

EMCARE April 2024 Article Summaries
  1. Extramural Activities That Benefit From First Aid Training:

    First aid training is valuable when caring for children and students. This article asserts that student safety should always be a priority in educational settings and extramural activities offered by schools. We discuss how first aid training is a crucial skill for educators and coaches alike, and the benefits of obtaining these skills. Read more

  2. Why Hospitals Need Safety Protocols:

    A safety officer course ensures the OHS Act in South Africa is being adhered to. This is more imperative than ever in hazardous and dangerous occupations. These include occupations in Hospitals and emergency services. This article discusses the importance of safety officers, the risks in hospitals and the types of safety officers that are needed to account for these risks. Read more

  3. The Role Of A Safety Officer In Public And Municipality Positions:

    This article covers the importance and need of safety officers in municipalities and those serving in public roles. In this article we investigate a number of factors including what the role of the safety officer entails, reasons for why safety officers are necessary within a municipal setting and the benefits of having well trained safety officers in those environments. Information on the EMCARE course is also summarised. Read more

  4. Professional Development And Top Tips To Improve Your Career:

    This article looks to stress the fact that even once completing your safety officer course you can always learn more. In this ever-changing world, where new safety standards are implemented on a regular basis it is critical as a safety officer to keep on top of changes that pertain to your industry. This article also provides helpful tips and tricks to help you develop your career as a safety officer. Read more

  5. Fire Fighters vs Fire Engineers:

    This article highlights the differences between a firefighter and a fire engineer and explores the essential role that fire fighters play in managing and eliminating fires through the teachings of the Fire Fighter 1 course offered by EMCARE. Read more

  6. An Outline Of The Safety Officer Course:

    This article looks to focus specifically on the Safety Officer Course offered by EMCARE. EMCARE’s safety officer course is one the most trusted courses of its kind in South Africa, due to the fact that EMCARE is affiliated with and supported by several government agencies. The article covers the several modules that make up this course, summarising what each module provides. Read more

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